YouTuber makes rookie error after hiring random mod from chat

YouTuber Sweeney hires mod from chat goes wrongYouTube: Sweeneytv

YouTube creator Sweeneytv, known for his own “Twitch mod” parodies, made a grave error in selecting his own for his stream. He gave a random viewer mod powers after his chat descended into chaos, and it only got worse from there.

YouTube and Twitch stream moderators hold a lot of power: They make sure they keep the chat clean and stop any bad eggs. You have to trust them as a streamer.

So when Sweeneytv, a YouTuber known for poking fun at Twitch and YouTube mods for their policies, selected his own, he trusted his judgment. After all, he’s seen ⁠and acted out the worst of them, so he should be able to pick a good one.

Someone came into his chat mid-stream and started spamming it up with hateful comments, and his viewers begged him to give someone the power to clean it up. He did a quick interview in his chat and ended up selecting one “Thai Nguyen.”

It’d end up being the biggest, yet most hilarious, mistake of his stream.

YouTube SweeneytvYouTube: Sweeneytv
YouTuber Sweeneytv is known for making fun of Twitch mods, but this time he was the fool.

“There were a couple of good resumes, but I didn’t really trust anyone, and then one person named Thai came out of nowhere and said, ‘I will be the mod.’ That alone, their confidence in wanting to be the mod, I made a rash decision and picked them,” he said after the fact.

He tested Thai, asking them to delete someone’s message. The new moderator obliged, and Sweeney even gave him glowing praise after “apologizing after deleting a message.”

Sweeney was convinced Thai wasn’t the troll. But then, his viewer count started plummeting, and Thai’s true colors showed ⁠— he was the original spammer, and he was banning everyone in his chat.

“All of a sudden, the view count started to go down, and there it was, Thai, spamming in chat, saying, ‘haha I banned everyone.’ It turns out, in a twist, you would have never expected it ⁠— Thai had everything going for him,” Sweeney said.

“I didn’t know Thai was going to be the Judas to the Jesus in this situation ⁠— it was the ultimate betrayal. Everybody in my chat got banned by Thai. There was no more chatters, just Thai.

“With a heavy heart, I had to ban Thai and then go to my YouTube studio and unblock literally every single one of my YouTube chatters and then apologize that I hired Thai.”

Sweeneytv YouTube mod betrayalYouTube: Sweeneytv
Sweeney was betrayed by Thai Nguyen in the worst way possible.

While Sweeney did end up hitting his goals from the stream and had a great time, he might spend a bit more time vetting his moderators for future broadcasts ⁠— not just a random few questions in chat.

“The moral of the story is don’t hire your mod immediately in chat if you don’t recognize them. I should have known because he didn’t have a profile picture, but I just admire Thai’s confidence ⁠— I thought Thai was going to be one of the good ones. I didn’t expect the betrayal.”