YouTube issues statement on verifications following community backlash

Brent Koepp

YouTube has issued a statement to clarify on their decision to change how verification works on the video platform following community backlash.

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On September 19, YouTube announced on Twitter that it would be changing the criteria for verification eligibility, and sent out a mass email to creators warning them that they could be stripped of their badge.

People were not happy with the change and feared for their future careers on the platform, sparking widespread debate and backlash across the internet. The video service has since issued a statement.

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YouTube clarified on its verification policy

Later in the day on September 19, YouTube spoke out again from its Twitter account, this time to publish further clarification on its policy change.

“No one lost a verification badge today,” it said, before stating that anyone affected by the email can appeal it. “If you received an email that your channel will no longer be verified, this was just an advanced notice & you can appeal.”

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The video service then followed up with another tweet, and stated that every creator is an important part of its platform – verification badge or not.

“We’re making this change to help everyone determine whether a channel is the official YouTube presence of the creator they’re looking for,” it said. “Please know that badge or no badge, you’re an important part of YouTube.”

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People were not happy

Like the first time the platform posted about its policy change, people flooded the replies with messages of criticism and backlash, unhappy even after clarity was brought to the situation.

“You’re telling us this on a platform where those same “important” YouTubers are telling you it’s going against their wishes.” AntDude, a video game YouTuber with 350k subscribers, said. “But yo, thanks for looking out.”

Another prominent gaming personality, HiddenXperia, was mad about the change, and stated that the platform’s decision sounds ridiculous.

“To help people determine if a channel is a creator’s ‘official presence’, you’re removing thousands if not tens of thousands of creator’s verification badges?” he said, before continuing. “You see how stupid that sounds, right?”

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YouTube’s verification eligibility policy is due to go into effect in late October, and will affect content creators of all calibres.

An appeal process will be set in place, but it’s unclear at the time of writing what exactly that will entail.

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