xQc slams TwitchCon as a ‘degen’ zoo: “Go and see the goblins in real life”

xqc discussing TwitchConTwitch: xqc / Twitch

Despite being one of the biggest names on Twitch today, xQc is completely against the idea of TwitchCon. Having called those who attend “degenerates,” the popular streamer went on to liken the conventions to “zoos full of goblins.”

With the first instance of TwitchCon 2022 having just come and gone over the past week in Amsterdam, the previously annual convention has been back in the spotlight.

While dozens of popular streamers all jumped at the opportunity to be there and engage with thousands of fans over the weekend, it doesn’t appear xQc is all too eager to appear at the next one in California this October.

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Discussing the convention as a whole during his July 20 broadcast, xQc had some rather spicy criticism of not just TwitchCon itself, but those who attend.

“What about TwitchCon badges?” a fan asked in his chat, triggering the heated rant. “Illness,” xQc replied bluntly as only the self-proclaimed ‘warlord juicer’ would.

“Buying a TwitchCon pass is the same as buying an overpriced zoo ticket,” he said. Continuing the analogy, he explained how the convention is just an opportunity to “see goblins in real life from [a] closer range.”

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“You want to be able to observe the absolute degen species from closer. That’s ill.”

Sarcastically backtracking on his statement shortly after, he joked that being at TwitchCon is actually “kind of based.”

“In order for your life to feel more fulfilling, you have to go observe the degenerate species sometimes. You have to go see what it’s like to be an absolute failure. You have to get close to the dumb f**ks.”

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So for the time being, TwitchCon doesn’t seem to be at the top of xQc’s list of events to attend. Despite having appeared multiple times in prior years, even getting kicked out at one stage, he might not be heading back anytime soon.

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