xQc slams “dogsh*t merch” streamers send to him for free promo

Shay Robson
xqc streaming on twitchTwitch: xQc

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has said he doesn’t want “dogsh*t merch” samples sent to him by fellow creators.

xQc is by far one of the biggest streamers in the world. With over 11M followers on Twitch alone, its fair to say he’s a prime target for those looking to promote themselves.

With hundreds of thousands of viewers tuning in each stream, he tends to receive a ton of merch samples from his fellow creators who hope to put their brand in front of his massive fanbase.

However, the juicer has now opened up, revealing that he feels bad for those buying “dogsh*t” merch that he receives.

During his September 3 live stream, the 26-year-old explained how he’s currently in a dire situation when it comes to his wardrobe, claiming he’s only got two shirts to wear.

It was then that the popular Twitch streamer admitted that he used to collect free samples from clothing brands wanting to work with him on producing merch.

However, he explained how he’s tired of receiving “dogsh*t” samples from fellow content creators trying to promote themselves.

“You should see the dogsh*t merch I get from other creators. I don’t wear them because I don’t want to give them free promotion you know?

“I get merch from all the other streamers because they give me samples to try them on and they are dogsh*t. It is so f**king dogsh*t like I feel bad for people that buy merch from other streamers with real life money and get this garbanzo.” he said.

Hesitant to name drop anybody, the Twitch star continued: “Holy f**k man. I don’t even know man. Okay, I’m not going to say who, I’m not going to call anybody out okay? But, it’s at least 15 plus streamers that are all pretty big. All about 7k to 10k viewers.”

However, he did note that he once received a sweatshirt from Karl Jacobs, which was surprisingly good quality.

It’s fair to say it’s probably not the best idea to send your merch to the juicer after he’s been so critical of others.