xQc shows viewers how he treats the keyboards they send him

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is known for his trademark keyboard smashing on Twitch, and he recently told his viewers they shouldn’t expect him to treat their donated keyboards any better than ones he buys himself.

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After being called a ‘brat’ in chat by one of his viewers, xQc told viewers “I buy my own keyboards and I buy them cheap.”

“If somebody sends me one, what the fuck man, dude, what do you want me to do about it?” he asked his viewers in chat.

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“I’m forced to use it and treat it differently? No, it’s a keyboard not a fucking baby, dude,” the streamer continued before pounding on his keyboard.

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“Oh no, it’s a viewer keyboard,” xQc mocked before hitting the keyboard again before adding “even better” and striking it once again.

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The streamer’s keyboard pounds have become a meme of their own at this point, with viewers even making compilations of him smashing the keys set to music.

Viewers will probably keep sending xQc keyboards, and he’ll most likely continue to break them at an above average rate, but after this, some viewers might think twice about getting a gift for Felix.