xQc rages at viewer for “Costco package” sized donation message - Dexerto

xQc rages at viewer for “Costco package” sized donation message

Published: 6/Jan/2020 23:11

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is one of the platform’s most popular streamers, and while he makes quite a good living thanks to his viewers, that doesn’t mean they’re immune to criticisms of overly-long donation messages.

During a January 6 broadcast, the former Overwatch League pro received a message that seemed to drag on for more than the streamer could take.

“I know chat is mean to you sometimes, but you should keep doing what you’re doing,” the donation read. “Let’s get this juice. Please watch this video,” it went on before Lengyel snapped and went on a tirade.


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“Okay, shut the f**k up!” the French Canadian screamed. “Shut the f**k up! Shut your stupid a** f**king mouth! Holy sh*t, dude! Oh my God.”

The irony of the whole situation is that the donor mentioned how chat was sometimes mean to xQc, but the streamer took it upon himself to absolutely destroy the viewer for his words of encouragement.

Eventually, however, the superstar streamer admitted that he snapped, but proceeded to mock the viewer some more for his long message. “Hey man, I’m having a great day. Well, it’s not that good. Hey, you usually help. Hey, chat is doing this, so do this instead. Oh, also, here’s a video. Oh, also, here’s my Snap,” he trailed on, mimicking messages he receives. “Holy shit, shut the f**k up!”


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“I don’t get this meta, of like ‘hard packing’ everything in one,” Felix screamed as he pretended to physically cram his fist into his hand. “It’s crazy.”

Then, in probably his best line of the whole rant, xQc compared the overly long message to a Costco-sized package.

“It’s like a super f**king value Costco package, motherf**ker,” he cursed before standing up in his chair and farting. “That’s what I think about it, dude.”

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The Costco comparison is quite humorous as the retail chain is known for its sometimes comically large packages of standard items. The store has been parodied in popular media, such as a cold open in the cartoon series Family Guy.


While it’s unclear if xQc likes Costco, it’s clear that no one is off-limits for the streamer’s rage, even those who support his broadcasts.