xQc weighs in on SleightlyMusical and LilyPichu cheating drama

xQc/Twitch, OfflineTV

Popular Twitch streamer Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has weighed in on the drama surrounding Offline TV member Albert ‘SleightlyMusical’ Chang cheating on his girlfriend Lily ‘LilyPichu’ Ki in his November 12 livestream.

xQc has never been one to shy away from drama and controversy, sometimes to his detriment, but it is also a quality that has helped earn him a solid legion of fans and followers.

Although his outspoken nature lost him his place on the Overwatch League’s Dallas Fuel, many fans love that he’s not afraid to speak his mind and have an opinion, a change of pace from some of the more ‘family-friendly’ streams you’ll often see dominating the streaming charts.

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With the recent break up of LilyPichu and SleightlyMusical due to the latter’s infidelity, xQc opted to offer his opinion on the subject, addressing a factor that not many people were looking at.

LilyPichu/FacebookLilyPichu and SleightlyMusical got together in early 2018.

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xQc chose to question what the third party in an unfaithful relationship is, whether the person being cheated with should hold responsibility based on a number of factors.

“In a relationship, you just don’t [cheat],” He said, Cheating is f**ked up. But what about the person that they cheat with? What about them? Are they guilty?”

He went on, “I don’t really have a preconceived idea of what that person is. If they don’t know, they’re not guilty for sure. But, sometimes, they can definitely dig for information and see the signs.”

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It’s not often you see xQc be the voice of reason, but he raises an interesting point that will likely have fans debating for a while. He also handles it somewhat delicately, not resorting to making jokes and is seemingly sympathetic towards the situation.

xQc isn’t the first streamer to weigh in on the controversy, with Asmongold mocking fans who are getting involved in the situation and William ‘Scarra’ Li slamming how other OfflineTV members and the community reacted to the news.

Needless to say, this is one of the worst things you can have to face while in the public eye, for all members involved, and they’ll each be looking to find a way to move on from this as quick as possible.

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