Disguised Toast shocked after AI creates perfect painting of LilyPichu

Virginia Glaze
Disguised Toast shocked after AI program makes perfect art of lilypichu

Twitch streamer Disguised Toast was left shocked after AI made a startlingly accurate digital painting of fellow broadcaster LilyPichu.

Artificial Intelligence is taking social media by storm, thanks to a wealth of programs that can generate images, stories, and full-on podcasts with a few text prompts.

One of the most popular AI programs is the Dall-E 2, which can create original artwork and images based on a series of text prompts from users (think, “a black cat wearing a witch hat”).

Another popular AI program, similar to the Dall-E, is called NovelAI, which can also generate full stories based on text prompts, alongside images.

Disguised Toast creates “perfect” artwork of LilyPichu using AI

Twitch streamer Disguised Toast decided to test the limits of technology and see what NovelAI could come up with in its infinite wisdom.

After trying out a few humorous, fictional scenarios, he wanted to see how the AI would fare at making an actual person based on descriptive adjectives. Toast settled on fellow streamer LilyPichu, a musician and voice actor who is also part of OfflineTV.

Toast described her as follows: “Pink hair, round glasses, flower in hair, Asian, short, has two Pomeranians, playing piano, young woman, in pink dress.”

The forthcoming image was shockingly accurate to how LilyPichu actually looks, and Toast couldn’t contain his surprise.

“Woohoo, wait — LilyPichu? Yo, now I can send this to her and say I commissioned this art,” he joked. “This is perfect. You can be an artist.”

Toast decided to generate another image for good measure to specifically include one of Lily’s dogs, although it didn’t have the same vibe as the previous picture.

This is just the latest AI moment to take over the internet after a program called podcast AI created an entire episode of the Joe Rogan podcast with special guest Steve Jobs.

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