xQc grosses out Pokelawls after finding Amouranth’s hair still in his room

jesse and poke discover amouranths hair in xqc roomTwitch: xQc

Twitch stars Pokelawls and Jesse were left screaming after discovering a few locks of Amouranth’s hair on the floor of xQc’s streaming room.

The Streamer Awards took place on March 11, bringing a slew of the net’s top content creators to Los Angeles to celebrate the best and brightest from their fold.

Of course, this resulted in a slew of sudden collaborations between high-profile names in the area — xQc and Amouranth being one of them.

On March 10, Amo met up with xQc for a joint stream, where the two reacted to funny TikTok clips and even poked fun at xQc’s bold fashion choices.

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However, one of the most notable parts of the stream was when Amouranth received a spontaneous haircut from xQc’s stylist. Although she just got a trim and a little feathering on her ends, it looks like there was enough hair left on the floor that a few strands got missed.

Pokelawls freaks out after finding Amouranth’s hair in xQc’s room

A day or two later, fellow streamers Pokelawls and JesseSMFI came over to xQc’s place to take over his Twitch broadcast when they discovered something that disgusted them on the floor.

“Amouranth’s hair was cut, and now it’s starting to get to the point where it’s starting to decompose,” Jesse explained. “And it’s starting to weave. It’s weaving.”

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Pokelawls came up to the camera to show off a chunk of Amouranth’s hair he’d found on the floor, sparking a hilarious reaction from Jesse — who absolutely wanted no part in Poke’s stunt.

“Why are you picking it up?” he screamed before smacking the hair out of Poke’s hand. “Put it down!”

Chatters couldn’t help but laugh at the streamers’ over-the-top reaction to Amouranth’s hair, some of which claimed her fans would pay “thousands” for.

It’s true that Amouranth has amassed quite the business empire for herself — the streamer even sold her own farts in jars last year, which sold for a thousand dollars a pop.

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