xQc explains the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ ways to simp


Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is never one to shy away from giving his opinion on current events, and with the concept of “simping” now being more popular than ever, the French-Canadian star decided to explain his take on the subject.

“Simping” commonly refers to an act where men project their entire self-identity on a female personality online, and do or say things they may not agree with because they believe this woman would want them to do so. This can include things like giving them money or gifts in exchange for their time or attention – or, in some cases, a perceived relationship with the woman in question.

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“There is a right way and bad way of using it,” xQc said of the term while pulling up Microsoft Paint to visualize his thoughts for the chat.

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After drawing a stick figure man to act as a surrogate for his viewers, along with a woman (who he jokingly dubbed “the juice”), Lengyel explained that men make maneuvers to acquire said “juice.”

“Maneuvers might put you in a position of submission sometimes,” he continued. “Like, actual simping.”

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According to the former Overwatch League pro, it all comes down to the time and price you’re willing to pay for the chance to get “the juice.”

“Let’s say you do something that costs, say, 10% of your income. Which is a lot. And gives you, 1% [chance] of getting the juice. That is absolute simp mode!” he blasted. “But what if something costs you like ten minutes of ‘simping’ for 75% of getting the juice? Hell f**king yeah, dude!”

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“It’s such a low investment and a high return rate! Who gives a f**k? I’m getting the juice, yo!” he exclaimed.

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However, there are some “simps” who take the concept way too far, and the Canadian couldn’t resist roasting those who make all simps look bad.

“The problem is, real-life simps are kinda like this,” he went on, adding another image to his work of art. “$10,000 for 0.001% chance of juice. That’s just f**king weird! That is so simp zone, you can’t even fathom the idea.”

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For Lengyel, his biggest issue was that his last two examples often get mixed up, which creates a “disconnect in the language” and causes people to start “malding.”

As internet culture continues to evolve, we should be thankful that xQc is right there to assist with all the new definitions and terms.

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