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xQc calls out cheating in Twitch community after Mizkif Schooled drama

Published: 16/May/2021 11:25

by Joe Craven


Twitch creator Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has called out cheating in the streaming community, suggesting that it is “black and white” and streamers should do more to avoid it in any capacity. 

Encountering cheaters in games is common for Twitch streamers, but, bending the rules by Twitch streamers themselves occurs less often.

Current controversy in the community focuses on QTCinderella, streamer and girlfriend of Ludwig Ahgren. During an appearance on Mizkif’s quiz show ‘Schooled!’, some viewers suggested that she was changing answers based on her chat’s contributions.

Naturally, Mizkif’s quiz does not allow contestants to receive help during the game. In response, Ludwig defended his girlfriend from the allegations: “She didn’t cheat, and if you think she cheated – to say ‘blatantly cheating’ because she changed her answer from Greece when the question is ‘what city in Greece..’, is crazy.”


He finished by saying that Mizkif’s gameshow “doesn’t f**king matter in the grand scheme of things”.

However, turning his attention to the matter during a May 15 livestream, xQc suggested that streamers need to do more to avoid allegations of cheating, saying that he considers matters like that to be “black and white”.

“This is my real true take about this,” he said. “This is why, whenever we start playing Among Us or other games – any games at all like this. It’s why I always make an effort to close the monitor. Why? Because I believe cheating is black and white. It’s not really a grey area. Either you cheat or you don’t cheat. Whether you cheat a little bit with chat, or a little bit with emotes… you’re all in [the] black dude.”


He finished: “I don’t wanna sh*t on him [Ludwig] or Miz, but if you have chat open and they’re doing emotes and steering things in the direction, it’s still cheating.”

xQc has experienced his own share of controversy for similar reasons. Back in November of 2020, he was banned from Twitch for allegedly ‘stream sniping’ in a Fally Guys tournament to gain an advantage.

As this incident has proved, it can be very difficult to police streamers. xQc, though, believes any rule-bending is undoubtedly cheating.