xQc apologizes to fans after appealing Twitch adult content ban

Blizzard Entertainment / Twitch

Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel has apologized to his fans as the Twitch streamer’s appeal for his February 29 nudity and adult content ban was unsuccessful, keeping the French Canadian off the platform for another couple of days.

xQc was taken off Twitch over the weekend for showing off too much of a character in a Connect Four clone, in which they took off their bra and showed the female completely in the buff.

Although the streamer tried to appeal the ban on February 29, he was unsuccessful, with the suspension being upheld for the full three days. Instead, he issued an apology to his fans, and updated them with when he will be back online.

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“I wanted to update everyone yesterday but it was unclear and I wanted to appeal and have a chance to explain myself,” the streamer said on Twitter on March 1.

He also owned up to his mistakes, and looked to clean up his act once he returns in a few days.

“I did, but it didn’t matter. We’re tanking the whole thing. Things are a little different than I expected but ultimately it was my fault. We’ll roll when we get back.”

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xQc also attached a statement he received from Twitch clarifying the reasons for his ban. While it was suspected to be over a nude scene on stream during a game, the statement from the Amazon-owned platform clarified all doubt.

“Your account was suspended for broadcasting content that focuses on nudity and/or sexually explicit content in Strip 4: Classmate Study,” said Twitch in an email to the streamer. “This is not permitted on our services per our Community Guidelines.”

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The platform’s guidelines state all forms of “sexually explicit content are prohibited” on the platform, from streamer’s attire to the games they play.

Twitch’s guidelines make specific mention of adult-themed content.

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Not only was the ban upheld, but so was the strike against his account, making it xQc’s second offence on the platform. He was banned back in July 2019 after showing adult-themed videos on his channel, which showed actors performing more ‘safe for work’ tasks than their original clips.

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With a three-strikes policy in place on Twitch, the partnered streamer will have to be careful with the rules in the future to avoid being deplatformed entirely.

xQc will return to Twitch on March 3, three calendar days after his suspension.