xQc is left speechless by hilarious Overwatch stream sniper

Matt Porter

Popular Twitch streamer Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was couldn’t believe his ears when he was paired up with an incredibly funny stream sniper in Overwatch.

The stream sniper immediately recognised Lengyel when he ended up in a game with him, and started to beg xQc to follow his character around the spawn area, shouting down his microphone at the Canadian.

When xQc finally followed him, the player led the streamer into a bar area at the back of the room, and told Lengyel: “If this was a personal bubble bath, I would actually be swimming in your crust.” The player than began to moan loudly down his microphone, as xQc smiled at this strange situation.

Lengyel and his teammate eventually won the match 3-1, and to celebrate the victory, the player immediately began to loudly moan at xQc, who could barely contain his laughter. To add to the already hilarious situation, the player then began to blare dubstep music in the background, continuing to yell and moan over the pulsing electronic music.

“xQc, I want you in my room,” the stream sniper groaned. “Or I can come to your room as well. I want your crust on my body. I can feel the beat like your crust!”

Lengyel has returned to Overwatch after claiming he would never play it again, and has quickly shown that he hasn’t lost his touch since stepping away from the professional scene.

While it seems unlikely that he will ever compete at the highest level again, some of his recent plays have made it clear he still has the talent to do so, including an amazingly clutch Winston play.

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