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WoW Classic streamer shares profanity-laced opinion on Twitch’s follower-only mode

Published: 29/Aug/2019 22:03 Updated: 30/Aug/2019 4:26

by Michael Gwilliam


Twitch streamer Alkaizerx shared his thoughts on the platform’s follower-only and slow modes while playing World of Warcraft Classic on August 29. 

Follower-only is pretty self-explanatory – only people who follow that streamer are allowed to comment in the chat. Slow mode limits how many messages people can send within a certain amount of time. 

Basically, the tools can both help to cut the spam of unnecessary messages as well as give viewers an incentive to follow the channel.

WOWWoW Classic has been immensely popular following its August 26 launch.

And while many on the streaming platform use the two options, Alkaizerx has no intentions to ever do so. Even when his chat is being spammed with Trihard emotes and walls of text.


“‘Why not activate follower only plus slow mode?’” the Warcraft streamer read from his chat. “Because that’s what pussies do. That’s what pussy streamers do. That are scared.”

“People just want to enjoy and do whatever the fuck they want in chat” he added while looking at his camera while holding his hand up in a confused fashion.

“‘Follower only mode,’” he mocked. “I guess my dick’s one and a half inches. Follower only mode, guys. One and a half is too big still? Guess I’ll put slow mode on. My dick’s only half an inch now and that’s when it’s hard.”


WOWAlkaizerx has been streaming a lot of WoW.

Some of the most popular streamers such as Sweet Anita, Alinity, xQc, shroud and Asmongold all stream with follower only chat enabled. So, according to Alkaizerx, they’re all pussies. 

“This is my safe space, guys!” the streamer further mocked before stating one final point on the mater. 

“People just come into Twitch chats to try and get some entertainment, enjoyment, whatever. Let them do whatever the fuck they want to do,” he concluded. 

While Alkaizerx’s opinion certainly is different from most, the fact he’s creating a place for people looking for an avenue to spam whatever comes to mind may be a welcome addition to the site.