Korean streamer goes nuts after learning what “Netflix and chill” means

by Michael Gwilliam


Korean streamer HAchubby was talking with Twitch artist 39daph when the topic of sex came about and with it, the concept of “Netflix and Chill”.


Learning about inside jokes and innuendos outside of your mother tongue can be a difficult experience, but for HAchubby, the idea of associating Netflix with sex was just mortifying. 

“Someone who wants to have the sex with girl, he asks ‘do you want to Netflix and chill,” the Vancouver-based artist explained. Meanwhile, HAchubby could barely contain her laughter as she struggled to remain upright.

HAchubby is a rising Twitch star.


Eventually, the speechless pink-haired girl was hit with another bombshell. “Girls can ask too,” Daphne added.

At this point HAchubby’s face turned to one of disgust and bewilderment. “He like Netflix… maybe?” the artist suggested.


“What the fuck?!” HAchubby swiftly reacted. “Oh my God.”

“You have to ask if he likes Netflix,” the creative broadcaster explained, but HAchubby wasn’t having any of that and began shouting “no” very loudly.


“NEVER!” she screeched, causing Daph to reiterate the fact that this was only if the man liked Netflix. 

“Not boyfriend. Just friends,” the Korean streamed insisted, implying she didn’t want to ‘chill’ with any guys.


HAchubby has been consistent in her dating beliefs. Earlier in August, she shot down Twitch personality NymN when the two teamed up to play Netflix. After he put his bed next to hers, the Korean proceeded to destroy her own bed. A clear rejection.

Maybe NymN can take some comfort in knowing HAchubby wasn't a fan of Netflix and chill either. The term has risen in popularity with the growth of dating applications such as Tinder.

Netflix and chill has been a sexual innuendo for many years.

A 2015 article by SplinterNews documents the term’s origins, noting its first use was all the way back in 2009 and eventually to its innuendo phase in 2014. Netflix started offering its on-demand video service in 2007. 

In any case, hopefully you have better luck than 39daph if you ever have to explain the term.