Woman’s Hinge date leaves warning for future guys with secret lipstick message

Rory Teale
Crazy Hinge dateTikTok: @lunarayy_

A woman was shocked to find a secret message left by her Hinge date, written with her lipstick in the bathroom.

Hinge boasts an impressive Apple App Store rating of 4.5/5 stars on average after 125k reviews, making it one of the dating app giants alongside Tinder and Bumble.

The dating app gained popularity for its unique blend of the classic swiping dating app with the fresh and unique introduction of “prompts,” allowing people looking for relationships to know their date’s key interests before meeting them.

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Despite seemingly knowing the type of person her Hinge date was through his prompts, this woman never expected him to leave a secret, shocking message.

Man warns future Hinge suitors, “Run”

@Lunarayy_ sent TikTok viewers wild as she shared a video of the surprise that her Hinge date left her.

Luna cleaned the underside of the toilet seat in the video, as whoever is holding the camera laughed historically, which has the words “Run” plastered on it with lipstick.

Luna could not believe what she saw on the toilet seat, as she exclaimed: “Writes, in lipstick, on my toilet, he said – Run.”

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Not only that, but she shocked TikTok viewers further when she revealed that he had also written: “She is effing her ex,” which she believed was inspired by the fact that she told him she hadn’t gotten over from her ex as an excuse to end the date after only 15 minutes.

TikTok fans couldn’t believe what they were seeing either, some even complimenting the man’s initiative to make sure to write on the underside of the toilet seat: “This is so funny though 😭 the way he figured you wouldn’t lift the seat and left it for the next guy.”

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Others followed the “there are always two sides to every story mentality” and wanted to hear her date’s experience and thought process that would inspire such a message: “idk I wanna hear his side.”

Dating apps seem to be a breeding ground for crazy and unexpected stories, as a Tinder user went viral for getting matching tattoos with her Tinder date.

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