Woman stunned by ‘gym Karen’ demanding she get off machine

Christy Mathew
Gym goer in viral TikTok doing shoulder press

A gym goer has been called out after a video of her went viral, approaching someone in the gym and “rudely” questioning them.

Everybody who hits the gym is aware of the various types of people you encounter while working out. Sometimes, there are people that don’t quite pass the gym etiquette test, either by the way they work out or by approaching someone out of the blue, for example.

People at the gym mostly ask each other, “How many sets do you have left?” when they are working out on a machine as they would want to equip it as well — but this woman wasn’t quite so patient.

Gymgoer approaches fitness influencer

Fitness influencer, Mikaela Laws, usually shares a lot of videos, memes, and footage from her fitness journey. However, she came across a gym goer that led her to swear off public gyms.

She posted the TikTok while she was recording herself on the shoulder press machine when somebody approached her questioning how many sets she had left. The influencer answered that she only had two sets left.

Mikaela then claimed that she came back “literally one minute later,” and started complaining. The woman allegedly said she had been waiting “forever” for the creator to get off the machine.

“It’s just really annoying because I pay for a membership here,” she complains. The woman even threatened to go to the front desk to which Mikaela responds she will be done in two minutes.

“I don’t have a ton of time, I have kids at home,” the other gymgoer argues. “I just need to hop on this machine, get it done.”

Social media takes Mikaela’s side

Mikaela tries to explain to the woman but she replies, “okay, whatever.” She then nervously looks at her camera and keeps working out.

Viewers were astonished at the behavior of the other woman as one person wrote, “She’s acting like it’s your problem [that] she has kids at home.”

“Does she not know how to use free weights?” another asks. “You can do a shoulder press with those too.”

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