Woman mortified after finding live snails in her pasta at Red Lobster

Meera Jacka
Woman mortified after finding live snails in her pasta at Red LobsterTikTok: mashunnacollection

A woman has taken to TikTok after finding her Red Lobster pasta came to her alive and crawling after an unexpected garnish of parsley and snails.

Red Lobster is an American food chain with various restaurants open worldwide and a reputation for seafood.

One woman, however, got more than she bargained for after her pasta dish arrived with some extra toppings she hadn’t anticipated.

Marquita, who goes by ‘mashunnacollection’ on TikTok, took to social media after discovering a sprinkling of snails crawling across her meal. ‘

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“Look what was in my food at Red Lobster!” Marquita wrote over the video while she showed how her pasta displayed far too much movement for comfort. “What is that in my food at Red Lobster!? SNAILS?”

The video has already garnered over 1.4 million views, with many shocked onlookers rushing to the comment section to voice their disgust and offer Marquita some advice.

“Now I need to stare at my food and watch for bugs as it turns ice cold [and] I’ll ultimately box it up [and] eat it later if there’s no bugs,” one person wrote. Another said, “Pretty sure that’s fruit fly larvae. Basically maggots.”

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A third was more focused on how the creepy crawlies got in the pasta in the first place; “If all of that was cooked in boiling water/[sauteed] in [a] hot pan, how the hell [did] those [get] there?”

Parsley and snailsTikTok: mashunnacollection
Upon closer inspection, the pasta had been garnished with parsley and snails.

One Red Lobster employee, however, seemingly had the answer; “I work at Red Lobster. This happened to us [and they] were all inside the parsley that we garnish on top of everything [because] it didn’t get cleaned out.”

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Many were convinced this is what had happened to Marquita’s meal, with the snails accompanied by a garnish of aged parsley. She did offer a small update for viewers, revealing Red Lobster’s district manager offered her a replacement meal which she had declined.

“I said no thank you and I wanted to speak to someone higher up please,” Marquita wrote in the comments of her video. While she has also reached out to Red Lobster over social media, the food chain has yet to respond.

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