Woman in tears after vandals sabotage garden she used to feed the poor

TikToker CarlyBurd43 in tearsTikTok: CarlyBurd43

A woman on TikTok was left in tears after finding out that vandals sabotaged the garden that she used to grow food to help feed those in need.

It’s no secret that food prices across the world have skyrocketed, making it hard for many low-income families to afford to feed their families properly.

A woman by the name of Carly Burd stepped up to help those around her by growing various fruits and veggies in her garden, feeding over 1,600 people in the process.

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On April 11, 2023, she was left in tears after realizing that vandals sabotaged the garden area that she used, ruining crops and making it near impossible to grow more.

Vandal sabotages garden used to feed poor

In the video, Carly explains that she’s “absolutely heartbroken” before showing the damage done to her garden area.

“Someone jumped over in the night and put salt all over the land,” she explained.

“That means everything I’ve planted won’t grow and I can’t replant on it because it won’t grow. All the hours and hours of work we’ve put in are now dead.”

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She went on to explain that she won’t let this setback stop her and that she’ll find a way to replant a garden as soon as possible.

Her video quickly went viral with nearly two million views, and viewers flooded the comments with support.

“Farmer here! I’m so sorry this happened but we can fix this! You just need a lot of water and straw,” one user replied.

Another commented: “Why would anyone do this!!! How can we find them!? Ask the neighbors if they have cameras.”

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“Please call the police – someone purchased a LOT of salt. Also, a shop vac might help you remove the top layers of dirt before it rains and soaks in,” a third shared.

At the time of writing, she’s raised over £75,000 to help rebuild the garden so that she can get back to providing for those in need.

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