Who is Jax on TikTok? ‘Victoria’s Secret’ singer goes viral

Jax musicYouTube: Jax

Singer and popular TikToker Jackie ‘Jax’ Miskanic has gone viral yet again thanks to her recent song release ‘Victorias Secret.’ Here’s everything we know about Jax and her latest release.

As TikTok continues to grow in popularity, more and more musicians are using the app to promote their music. Sometimes, the platform even helps the artist make a name for themselves.

The biggest example in recent years is Lil Nas X, who created the Yee Haw Challenge that helped his song ‘Old Town Road’ become one of the most popular songs in 2019.

Jax is the latest singer to use TikTok as a way to promote a song, with her latest single ‘Victoria’s Secret’ taking over social media and the radio.

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Jax ‘Victoria’s secret’ song

Officially uploaded to YouTube on July 6, 2022, ‘Victoria’s Secret’ by Jax is a song about body positivity among women, and how stores like Victoria’s Secret and fashion magazines make those feel like they have to be “itty bitty,” which may lead to various eating disorders in an attempt to feel “beautiful.”

Jax sells her thoughts with lyrics like: “Cashing in on body issues. Selling skin and bones with big b**bs,” and “I know Victoria’s Secret… She was never made for me and you.”

Since its release, fans have called it “an anthem for all women,” with thousands more across social media sharing how much they love the song.

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Jaxwritessongs on TikTok

Before and after the release of the song, Jax shared clips of it in various TikTok videos on her account ‘Jaxwritessongs.’

Her most recent viral video showing off the song has Jax and a group of women that helped form a flash mob outside of the Victoria’s Secret store. At the time of writing, her upload has over 15 million views and 3.2 million likes.

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Victoria’s Secret on the radio

On July 28, Jax shared a video on Twitter of her reacting to the song being played on the radio. She explained in the tweet that the station told her it would premiere, but left out the fact that it was going to be number one on their top 10 countdown.

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She added: “We thought the song was gonna play AFTER the countdown. So here’s 1 minute and 16 seconds of me being an emotional wreck. Thank you @933FLZ @iheartradio for making my heart stop.”

Fans quickly took to the replies to share their thoughts on the song’s radio premiere, with nearly all of them being extremely positive.