Where is TikTok’s viral “bad bitch genre” sound from?

TikTok user next to the TikTok logo on a phoneTikTok: savannahhannah_ / Unsplash: Mourizal Zativa

TikTok users are going viral with videos they’ve made to the viral “bad bitch genre” sound on the app, but where did the audio originally come from? Here’s everything you need to know.

Everyone that’s used TikTok even for a short while knows just how important ‘sounds’ are, forming strings that tie together thousands of videos and trends across the platform together.

Just about anything can become a viral audio on TikTok, including popular songs that are charting right now, to snippets of throwback clips that spark hilarious memes.

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One sound that has been circulating throughout March and April is the audio of a woman saying: “I’m sorry, not everybody fits in the bad bitch genre. It’s a genre, not everybody fits on the roster”

People have been using it to respond to comments they receive from others about their lifestyle, or to talk about their bizarre habits, and videos including the sound have been going viral and garnering millions of likes and views.

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Where is the “bad bitch genre” TikTok sound from

Rather than being sourced from outside TikTok, this popular sound is actually pulled from an original video uploaded on the app by user Savannah Hannah.

In the comments of her original post, she wrote: “THIS IS THE ORIGINAL VIDEO. People are stealing my sound & monetizing off of it & I’m not having that. It’s fine! The world gon’ put some respect on my name!”

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The popular audio has had over 161,000 videos made with it so far, and Savannah’s video has over five million views and 700,000 likes.

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While some described the sound as “legendary,” others called it “annoying,” with one user writing, “can’t wait for this sound to be forgotten about.”

Regardless, it looks like this audio is going to continue to be popular for a while now, joining the ranks of other viral sounds like Miranda Cosgrove’s “I actually do cuss a little” which also went viral in March.

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