What is Zoie Burgher “the mother of egirls” doing now?

Virginia Glaze
zoie burgher

From YouTube to Twitch streaming to esports, Zoie Burgher is a controversial figure in the online world who has made significant career changes in the past – but what is she up to now?

Zoie Burgher first started her career with provocative Twitch streams, in which she would wear revealing clothing while playing competitive games and twerk after every successful match, earning her a unique reputation across the gaming space.

However, her antics soon saw her banned from the platform – multiple times, in fact, leading her to start a YouTube channel that became massively successful almost overnight.

Zoie’s YouTube career stirs up controversy

Although Zoie skyrocketed to over 1 million subscribers in a fairly short time, other major YouTubers weren’t pleased with her success, including social media star Bryan ‘RiceGum’ Le.

Le even created a diss track targeted at Burgher in 2017, which boasts over 6 million views as of April 26, 2019.

Le wasn’t the only commentator to speak out against Burgher’s risky content, either – a slew of “rant” videos were created about Burgher, further propelling her to success despite their attempt to make YouTube aware of her practices.

Zoie’s all-female esports organization

Burgher didn’t limit herself to streaming on Twitch and YouTube, though; she even went on to create her own competitive gaming organization for girls, which went by the name ‘Luxe.’

While Burgher’s unique blend of an esports team, talent agency, and media brand even got a TV show, the org eventually fizzled out, with Burgher announcing it’s disbanding in April 2018.

However, Luxe made a brief return shortly thereafter, although no updates have yet been revealed as to its current operations.

From esports to Snapchat

Burgher is now on Snapchat, selling access to her premium accounts, adult photos, and tailored videos to those willing to pay out for her services.

Burgher has no qualms about advertising herself, either; in fact, her Twitter and Instagram are filled with content as proof of her wares, something that Burgher started early on during her ascent to 1 million YouTube subscribers.

Burgher was most recently in the news for “exposing” CoD pro FaZe Pamaj for having a intercourse with a married woman – an accusation that the gamer appeared to admit in a hilarious Twitter response.

Zoie has since dubbed herself the “mother of egirls” and continues to upload YouTube content on a semi-regular basis.