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What is the Glitch Challenge on TikTok and how do you do it?

Published: 4/Jul/2021 18:57

by Hannah Van-de-Peer


The quirky #GlitchChallenge on TikTok has taken the world by storm. This is how you can take part for yourself!

The #GlitchChallenge has been racking up millions of views since June 27. Thousands of TikTokers have posted themselves ‘buffering’ to a remixed version of Missy Elliot’s ‘Get Ur Freak On.’

The trend was started by the viewer-dubbed ‘Glitch Queen,’ @glitchgirlmaster. Her table-top videos have earned her over one million followers and 35-million likes!

@glitchgirlmasterThis one was a little challenging!♬ nhạc nền – nghigiango

Who is the Glitch Queen?

Also known as Vanessa Clark, the Glitch Queen is a 17-year-old student from Worcester, Massachusetts.

According to Vanessa herself, she wasn’t even trying to ‘glitch’ when she came up with the iconic dance. Her almost-robotic movements attracted over 100-thousand views overnight, and she became a viral sensation.


Glitch Queen started the #GlitchChallenge on TikTok The Glitch Queen in full flow on TikTok

Not that glitch trend…

Several versions of the ‘glitch’ trend have popped up over the last year. Billions of people have viewed #Glitch as TikTokers have created their own wacky content.

The ‘glitch’ effect was a main staple in 2020 TikTok content, with viewers distorting their faces in creative ways.

@locznikiI’M THE GLITCH! #glitch #glitchchallenge #fyp♬ nhạc nền – nghigiango

How to take part

Anyone can take part in the #GlitchChallenge! You’ll need to channel your inner robot and dance in a jolty, clunky way. Imagine you’re running on really slow wi-fi.

Missy Elliot’s sound is key to capturing that buffering feel. Make sure you glitch in time with the music. If in doubt, edit!