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How to use Vintage Suit filter on TikTok: Peaky Blinders-inspired trend goes viral

Published: 3/Jul/2021 18:52

by Hannah Van-de-Peer


Thousands of users have been channeling their inner old-timey British gangster with this TikTok filter. Combining the style of Cillian Murphy with the voice of Tom Hardy – demanding money just got sexy.

The filter went viral on June 26, thanks to UK-based user Javell Lynton. The video showed him wearing a twenties-style gray costume and miming along to a particularly aggressive Tom Hardy monologue.

@javelllynton*Snooze* #klarna♬ original sound – Loz

Since then, users from all over the world have adopted the filter, including jacksepticeye. Most have been using the same Tom Hardy monologue to truly capture that vintage feeling.

Each video has one thing in common – the user demanding an insanely tiny amount of money. Some users have even used the filter to make themselves look more intimidating in the face of their adversary (or in this case, their mom).


@just_decCan’t just be my mum right?♬ original sound – Loz

The iconic suit

The flat-cap-and-tweed ensemble looks like a pretty generic post-war costume. But users have credited hit British period drama Peaky Blinders for the inspo.

The series stars Cillian Murphy as the head of a gangster family. He’s known for his iconic flat-cap and sleek gray suit.

Several users have even tagged Peaky Blinders in their videos.

Peaky Blinders
This TikTok trend has a splash of Peaky Blinders.

Where does the sound come from?

Tom Hardy’s threatening tones are taken from 2015 biographical film ‘Legend’. Tom plays twin brothers Ronnie and Reggie Kray, who are notorious for their role in the British organized crime scene during the 1960s.

This particular sound comes from a scene in which Ronnie demands £50,000 from his business manager.


@jacksepticeyeA regular chewsday ##jacksepticeye♬ original sound – Jacksepticeye

How do I use it?

You can find Javell’s video here, and the original sound for the Vintage Suit trend here. Make sure you come armed with some fire one-liners about owing money!