What is the Skibidi toilet? Viral Singing toilet videos explained

Alice Sjöberg
Skibidi toiletDaFuqBoom/YouTube

A bizarre series of YouTube videos called The Skibidi toilet has left viewers confused while taking over the internet at the same time. So, what exactly are they? Here’s everything you need to know.

Have you ever found yourself down in a weird rabbit hole on YouTube that lets you explore content you never even knew existed?

That’s what happened to one of our writers when he came across the Skibidi toilet.

But what exactly are the Skibidi toilet videos, which often get around 100 million views on YouTube per upload? Here’s everything you need to know.

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What is the Skibidi toilet?

The Skibidi Toilet is a YouTube animated series about singing toilet creatures who want to take over the world. It was created by DaFuq!?Boom!, with its very first episode launching in February 2023.

The videos don’t really have much of an expressly told story, instead relying on visuals to great effect. There are toilet people, made up of assets from Half-Life 2 and Counter-Strike: Source. These creatures have infected, or taken over, the human race, and all that’s left are suited individuals with cameras for heads.

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Each video is a tug-of-war between the two sides. The cameramen figure out how to beat the toilets, and in the next episode, the toilets strike back harder. As you go further, more characters are introduced including speaker-headed people as well as the mysterious TV people that blare the THX sound to kill the enemy.

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Since DaFuqBoom started uploading the series of videos in February, he has managed to earn a staggering 22 million subscribers and over 8 billion views in total on his YouTube account.

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How are the videos made?

Getting some inspiration from the song choice of TikToker yasincengiz38‘s viral video where he performed his version of belly dancing while being served mountains of food, bringing it to the forefront, it was user Paryss Bryanne’s ‘skibidi dop dop yes yes’ meme that really inspired the video series.

“I did a parody of her take on the ‘skibidi dop dop yes yes’ meme. [The] Skibidi toilet video was a random thing, just based on [an unexpected] head popping out of the toilet,” DaFuqBoom told Dexerto.

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Speaking of how he created the videos, DaFuqBoom revealed he uses Source Filmmaker. When asked why he chose this specific program, DaFuqBoom said: “Easier access to different assets [and a] great interface. I know how to animate as well in Blender, but the whole process including lighting and rendering would take [three times as longer].”

He makes sure to credit the creators of the assets that he uses in each video as well.

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