What is the mayonnaise incident on TikTok?

What is the mayonnaise incident on TikTok?UNSPLASH: Sara Cervera

Many TikTok users are eager to know what the ‘mayonnaise incident’ drama of Not an Undercover Cop is about, so if you’re one of them, strap in for the explanation.

After TikToker ‘Kelseyinit;’ shared a clip mentioning the incident while saying goodbye to another TikToker, users became curious about the subject.

“Thank you for your amazing videos teaching people a lot of things,” the text-overlay read. “I hope you have a good life and maybe someday forget about the mayonnaise incident. It was a true tragedy.”

As the content creator didn’t share any other details, many people were left wondering what he was alluding to.

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Mayonnaise incident goes viral

TikTok users flocked the comment sections of Kelseyinit and Not an Undercover Cop’s most recent videos, claiming the latter was quitting his channel over the “mayonnaise incident.”

However, when confused users would ask what incident they’re referring to, many said they were afraid they’d get banned on TikTok if they spoke about it.

Some wondered whether the users were discussing a shooting event that happened in an Atlanta Subway in 2022. According to reports, a customer shot two workers because their sandwich had “too much mayonnaise.” We can confirm the video has nothing to do with the tragic incident.

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If you haven’t watched Not an Undercover Cop’s clip, which went viral with 3.1 million views, we have broken it down for you below.

Not an Undercover Cop created a hoax

The TikToker’s video starts with him removing his mic before walking away from the camera, making it appear as if he’s quitting his channel. The voice-over says: “This is how it ends.”

The remainder of the clip includes several additional snippets from his popular TikToks. But, it becomes evident at the end that he was fabricating a rumor while asking his fans to participate in it.

“Thank you to the 2 million people who follow me,” a message at the end of the video reads. “I am banking on the fact that the vast majority of people won’t watch until the end, let alone read this. I am not actually leaving.

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“Please spread a rumour about the ‘Mayonnaise incident’ that transpired between me and @thefronk in the comments that I left. Don’t provide any further details and be evasive. Just pretend it’s complex or that using certain terms to explain it may get you banned if someone asks.”

This is just the latest hoax trend to sweep the social media app, following the viral fake Porcelain TikTok challenge.