What is the ‘human feeling’ quiz on TikTok & how to take it

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TikTokers have garnered thousands of likes for sharing their results from the ‘what human feeling are you’ quiz — here’s everything to know about what it is, and how to find out what emotion you are.

Short-form video platform TikTok is a hub of viral content, with new trends and challenges taking off on the app every week, and spreading to For You Pages across the world.

One thing that TikTok users love is any form of a personality test that claims to give an insight into the kind of person you are, or what you’re like. In the past, this has included things like the reality check quiz and the multidimensional anger test.

One of the quizzes that have been particularly viral in 2022 is the ‘what human feeling are you’ test, which details what specific feeling you are, with results so far ranging from ‘humility’ to ‘sincere love.’

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TikTok users garnered thousands of likes and views for videos showcasing their results, leading to even more people flocking to the quiz to see what they would get.

How to take the ‘What human emotion am I?’ quiz

If you want to do the human feeling quiz for yourself, you can access it here. Due to the fact that the page is in Russian, you will need to translate it using your web browser into English, or whichever language is more comfortable. This feature often appears in the address bar, but that will vary depending on your device and browser.

Questions include things like, “what would you like right now?” and, “is it okay to have feelings?” with a range of different answers to choose from.

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Once you’ve answered all the questions, you will be presented with your results, which will tell you which ‘human feeling’ you are, and give a brief description.

To share your results on TikTok, take a screenshot of the page and upload it into a video to participate in the trend.