What is the “he’s a 10 but” trend going viral on TikTok and Twitter?

Georgina Smith
Heart made out of numbers

TikTokers and Twitter users are going viral by sharing their version of the wildly popular “he’s a ten but…” trend, which sees people try to come up with the most conflicting dating scenarios.

The internet is constantly busy with new trends, challenges, and memes that emerge on a daily basis, and particularly thanks to TikTok there’s always a new phenomenon that people across the internet love joining in with.

Dating is something people love to talk about online, whether that’s sharing their dating fails, or tips and advice. But the latest dating trend sees participants come up with some bizarre hypothetical scenarios, and the results so far have been hilarious.

The trend starts with someone pitching a scenario, whether that’s to a friend in person or to their followers, that starts with the phrase, “he’s a 10, but…” They will then contrast that with a strange trait or habit that person might have, to do with their fashion, personality, habits, or something else.

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The starting number could be any number, but is typically followed by a contrasting trait, whether that’s good or bad. Some people then decide to readjust the original rating of 10, depending on how weird the scenario is.

Examples so far have included, “he’s a nine but he has a picture with a fish in his Hinge profile,” or, “he’s a 10, but he’s never flossed in his life.”

The point of the game is to make the second part of the scenario either so weird or so tempting that it forces the person you’re playing with to reconsider the original rating, and people are having a lot of fun trying to come up with the most bizarre scenarios they can think of.

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TikTok users have garnered hundreds of thousands of likes and views for videos of them playing the game with their friends, and plenty of Twitter users have gone viral for their takes on the trend too, or for memes using the “he’s a ten but” structure.