What is the ‘Dynamic Photo’ TikTok trend? How to use viral effect

Charlotte Colombo

Every day, it feels like there is a new filter TikTokers are obsessing over. What makes these filters and effects so addictive is the fact that there are countless ways for users to change up the appearance of themselves or the things around them. The latest obsession is the ‘Dynamic Photo’ filter.

The ‘Dynamic Photo’ trend adds an interesting twist to users’ pictures and photographs by seemingly bringing them to life, making it one of the app’s most advanced features to date.

How does the ‘Dynamic Photo’ filter work?

You can apply the Dynamic Photo filter not just to photos, but to any images with a face on it. This means that you can use the filter not just on photos, but also on paintings, posters and pictures in newspapers, books or magazines.

The filter works by animating the photo in question, making the person blink, smile, and move their eyes as if they were a real person rather than a picture.

Some TikTokers have been using the filter not only on deceased relatives but also on pictures of celebrities like Heath Ledger and David Bowie. Others have even been able to use it to animate their own artwork!

How can to use the ‘Dynamic Photo’ filter on TikTok

To try the filter for yourself, it couldn’t be more simple.

  1. Go to the ‘Discover’ section on TikTok
  2. Type ‘Dynamic Photo’ into the search bar
  3. Look for the results under the ‘Effects’ heading. There, you should find the filter.
  4. Click on the filter to apply it to your TikTok.

The ‘Dynamic Photo’ filter isn’t the only effect that has blown up on the app as of late.

New in-app effects like the ‘Magic Animation’ filter that makes you look like a Disney character and the ‘Rampage’ filter that covers you in tattoos have also captured users’ attention and dominated our FYPs!

Why not check them out for yourself?

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