What is Origami Camp? TikTok & OnlyFans creators link up for event

Alan Bernal
lunababyyy69 / babygirlnoell TikTok

TikTok’s #OrigamiCamp trend went viral for a minute as more users kept finding videos with the tag on their ‘For you page,’ with little idea of what it all was. Here’s what it’s about.

The TikTok world is used to everything from dances to challenges hitting their FYP, with people contributing their clips to the overall trend. That’s not the case with Origami Camp, since it was more of an event than a single viral clip.

That was largely why people on the platform were confused when hundreds of clips started cropping up, each with hundreds of thousands of views.

Origami Camp TikTok

Over the weekend, a group of TikTokers and OnlyFans creators met up at a cabin to make content for all their channels – with tons of collaborative clips showing their behind-the-scenes antics.

Plenty of fans were loving the content coming out of the retreat, which included creators like hawkreallyhates, auntie_tylerthanos, therealnatashanoel, demonspiit, and a lot more.

While there are a few ‘houses’ on TikTok filled with creators who live together and constantly make content together, Origami Camp was kind of a mini-house that lived for a few days.

Most of the content from Origami Camp on Twitter and TikTok was pretty tame, as a lot of the videos simply showed the creators passing the time together with sultry trend clips and hilarious challenges.

For a lot of people, that was the main draw of the content coming out of the Origami Camp event, with fans looking forward to another one – and even ‘applying’ to participate at the next one.

The #origamicamp tag has nearly 20 million views with plenty of people glued to their screens to see what the content creators cooked up throughout the last three days.