Jaden Hossler claims Nessa Barrett ‘saved his life’ as people criticize relationship

Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler posing togetherInstagram: jadenhossler

TikTok star and singer Jaden Hossler has called out people criticizing his relationship with Nessa Barrett, claiming she ‘saved his life.’

Jaden Hossler and Nessa Barrett first went public with their relationship in April, after they were both embroiled in a huge drama with their exes, Mads Lewis and Josh Richards.

The couple, who are both influencers as well as musicians, faced a great deal of backlash as a result of going so public with their relationship so soon after the drama. But despite the intensity of the controversy, the pair have remained together ever since.

However, although things have quietened down a lot, it’s clear that not everyone has forgotten what happened several months prior, and people continue to send Nessa and Jaden hate over the situation.

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Nessa Barrett and Jaden Hossler face each otherInstagram: nessabarrett
The pair are both popular creators and musicians in their own right.

On September 26, Jaden hit back at a comment from someone who claimed he was going to cheat on Nessa while on tour promoting his new album, with the star writing: “That’s my girl and always will be.”

But the backlash still continued, and on September 19, Jaden posted a long text response on his Instagram story.

“I just want to say I’ve seen some dumbass people online saying some dumbass sh*t ,” he wrote. “We are open enough to put our relationship online bc we are genuinely happy. Y’all don’t know what anyone has been through, so stop tearing into people you have never met.”

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Jaden Hossler writes on his Instagram story

He went on to talk about how much Nessa means to him: “I’ve never found joy like I found w Nessa. She deserves the world y’all have no idea. I know this won’t do much bc people online are toxic as f**k, but since everyone was giving their opinion I thought I would too. This girl saved my life.”

After this, he uploaded another story imploring people to be “nice and positive” — though, people have continued to criticize the pair.