What is Huggy Wuggy? Schools worried over viral Poppy Playtime TikTok

an image of huggy wuggy from poppy playtimeMOB Games, TikTok

Huggy Wuggy, a character from Poppy Playtime, has caused controversy within schools after children were caught watching disturbing TikTok content based around the character. But just where did this monster emerge from? 

Every couple of years a viral phenomenon with spooky mythology appears, intent on spreading scares through concerning videos. Content like The Momo Challenge and Elsagate were part of hoax-style videos back in 2019 and 2017 respectively.

Now, parents are expressing concerns as a character from a survival horror game gains popularity on TikTok for the wrong reasons.

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An image of huggy wuggy from poppy playtimeMOB Games
Huggy Wuggy has gone viral through fan-made songs and TikTok videos.

What is Huggy Wuggy?

Huggy Wuggy is the main villain from Poppy Playtime, a survival horror game designed by MOB Games. Similar to Five Nights at Freddy’s, Poppy Playtime sees players solve puzzles and survive the night in an abandoned toy factory.

The furry blue monster has amassed a following of sorts online, as fan-made music videos on YouTube and TikTok depict the character sharing menacing lyrics. Lyrics from the song ‘Free Hugs’ describe a bleak situation before meeting your demise: “Running round in a darkened room, Make a friend, I will be there soon, Sink my teeth in and you’re consumed.”

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‘Free Hugs’ is the most popular song based around the character, with over 2.7 million views on YouTube. Other videos of Huggy Wuggy show the character in compromising scenarios, that ultimately result in gory endings.

(This TikTok contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing)

A school in the UK has vocalized their distress with the Huggy Wuggy videos, as the faculty is “seeing children recreating a game on the playground with hugging and whispering nasty things in the recipient’s ear.”

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Specifically, Dorset Police have spoken out in regards to Huggy Wuggy, with cyber protection officer Chris Conroy saying “it’s popping up all over YouTube and Tik Tok using this quite graphic imagery of this bear-like character with razor-sharp teeth.”

One parent added that “Huggy Wuggy has snuck in under my radar as a parent” and has “infiltrated” their child’s mind.

Clips from the song and Poppy Playtime are becoming more prevalent on TikTok, as children share them with their classmates.

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