What is face taping on TikTok? Anti-aging trick goes viral

Virginia Glaze
what is tiktok face taping viral skincare trend

TikTok’s latest skincare craze has users taping their faces at night to combat the effects of aging — a new trend that’s scored approval from celebs like Julia Fox.

TikTok is known for spawning the latest crazes in beauty, skincare, and fashion — but sometimes, these trends can seem pretty strange to outsiders.

The latest fad taking over TikTok is called ‘face taping,’ and although it’s not exactly a new practice, its purported anti-aging effects are sparking rave reviews that are taking over social media.

So, what exactly is ‘face taping?’ As it applies here, it’s the practice of pulling back one’s face using tape to combat wrinkles. TikTokers have been placing tape anywhere on their face where they’re seeing gravity take hold — from their foreheads to smile lines, and even crows’ feet.

TikTok users have been using a wide variety of tape to achieve these anti-aging results; Scotch tape is commonly used, as well as kinesiology tape (a type of tape used for treating injuries and swelling). There are even brands of tape specifically made for face-taping that folks can buy in stores.

Is TikTok’s face-taping trend safe?

Is face-taping safe, though? According to ABC News’ chief medical correspondent, Dr. Jen Ashton, face-taping “can smooth out those superficial wrinkles” — but the effects might only be temporary.

“It’s possible that when you remove the tape, those wrinkles can re-form in minutes to hours,” Dr. Ashton explained. “So, it’s going to be a very transient effect.”

Dr. Ashton also warned users about the possibilities of an allergic reaction to certain kinds of tape, as well as urging them to be careful when removing the tape from their skin to avoid lesions and irritation.

Although face-taping is making a resurgence, it broke onto the scene in 2022, catching the attention of Hollywood socialite Julia Fox. The ‘Uncut Gems’ actress admitted that she also tapes her face at night, hoping to achieve a more youthful look by combating gravity.

This is far from the only skincare trend to take TikTok by storm; in 2021, a viral ‘hack’ took over the social app by claiming sea salt could help cure acne.