What happened to Steven Crowder? Podcaster hospitalized after “serious” surgery

Steven Crowder hospitalized youtubeInstagram: louderwithcrowder

Political YouTuber Steven Crowder has taken “a turn for the worst” after being hospitalized July 1. The commentator initially went in for pectus surgery (an operation involving the breastbone). On July 23, he revealed his “minor lung collapse” to over one-million Twitter followers.

Outside of his viewership, the content creator may be best known for his feud with Ethan Klein. The ‘Louder With Crowder’ host was branded a “coward” by the H3 star on June 22.

Steven Crowder YouTubeYouTube: StevenCrowder
The content creator was hospitalized July 1

Why was Steven Crowder hospitalized?

Fans have speculated on Twitter as to what happened to the commentator. On July 1, Steven announced he was “going into surgery momentarily” and thanked fans for the “kind words.”

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On July 11, Steven admitted that he couldn’t “walk down the stairs without getting winded.” He also opened up about how his “serious, invasive surgery” affected his body image. The Tweet was met with mocking replies, due to the commentator’s past comments on “big girl summer.”

Steven revealed he was facing “mild lung collapse” on July 23. The creator apologized to fans for his “longer” recovery. On July 27, Steven announced he’d taken “a turn for the worst” via Twitter. He reassured fans that while he “could physically feel death,” his condition was “fixable.” A cause for the lung collapse hasn’t yet been disclosed.

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Steven trends on Twitter over condition

Many of the replies to the Tweet weren’t exactly supportive, with many making memes about the YouTuber. Some turned the tables on his comments towards Elliot Page, where he said he “looked healthy!”

“It’s really funny that you expect sympathy after making a career out of sh***ing on people,” one user said. “While I wish you a speedy recovery,” said another, “I suspect this near-miss will have no impact on the kind of person you are.”

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Fans of Steven hit back however. “The evil on display in these Twitter comments is utterly beyond me,” one said. “How can we ever have a conversation when we keep wishing death upon people we disagree with,” said another.

Steven released a docu-series on his medical journey

On July 29, the commentator released a YouTube video documenting his “heart surgery.”

The video revealed his reasons for needing the procedure. His doctor explained that Steven’s breastbone was so “concave” that it was like a “boulder” pressing on his heart. Steven complained that he often “stops breathing” while recording ‘Louder With Crowder.’

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The “compression” was causing such a “strain” on his heart that his pulse rate often dropped to “very low” levels. The surgery involved inserting “three bars” into his pectus in order to relieve the strain on his heart. Steven closed the video by saying he’s “looking forward” to his “improvement,” or “version 2.0.” He’s expected to release a second part in “August.”

Steven is known for his debates on issues like Feminism, free speech and the Biden administration. His videos have featured high-profile academics, including author and journalist Naomi Wolf.

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The YouTuber has often been mocked on Twitter for his “reactionary” content. His controversies to date have included a graphic anti-BLM video.


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