What does uwu mean on Snapchat?

Alice Sjöberg
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If you’re a Snapchat user or spend time on other social media sites, chances are you’ve seen someone write uwu. But what does it mean? Here’s everything you need to know.

UwU is a message that has been around on the internet for a while and has been used across most social media apps, so it’s no surprise that the acronym made its way onto Snapchat as well.

But what does it actually mean when someone writes uwu? Here’s everything you need to know.

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What does uwu mean on Snapchat?

Uwu (also stylized as “UwU”) is an emoticon that represents the shape of a happy face. It’s also known as “happy anime face.” The expression can be interpreted as being happy in a particularly smug way.

Uwu is often used in Japanese and Korean online culture, typically in response to something especially cute, or kawaii.

According to Urban Dictionary, uwu is an emoticon that is used to describe a cuteness overload. It can also lead to people cringing at you.

UwU is by no means a term used exclusively on Snapchat, so you may see this pop up in text messages from friends, or in posts on a number of other social media platforms.

Just be carful with how you use it, as the emoticon became controversial when a Tumblr user in 2013 said that predators might use “uwu” and similar “cute” internet lingo to get closer to teenage girls. This discourse around the uses of the emoticon become known as “uwu culture,” according to Know Your Meme, for which there is now a tag on Tumblr.

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