What does RS mean on TikTok?

TikTok app logo on a phoneUnsplash: Solen Feyissa

While using TikTok or other social media apps like Instagram or Twitter, you may have stumbled across the term ‘RS’ — but what does the acronym stand for, and when do you use it?

TikTok continues to be one of the biggest hubs of different types of content, and just like any other social media platform, people on the app use a variety of different terms and abbreviations to communicate.

Over the years, numerous new slang terms and acronyms have emerged on the short-form video app, to the point where it’s getting harder for users to keep up, especially when an acronym can have multiple interpretations.

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While some of these originated on or are exclusive to TikTok, many of them originated elsewhere on the internet and are used widely across platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more.

RS is a term that isn’t unique to TikTok, but it is frequently used on the app in direct messages and comment sections. Here’s everything to know about what it means.

What does RS mean?

TikTok logo on a phoneUnsplash: Solen Feyissa

On social media, RS is often used as an abbreviation of ‘Real Sh*t.’ This term indicates that you wholeheartedly agree with something someone said.

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RS can be an alternative expression to IKR, which stands for ‘I Know Right,’ and can be used virtually the same way. For example, if someone says “that movie was boring” and you strongly agree with them, you could simply reply with either “RS” or “IKR.”

Although it is widely used on TikTok, the term wasn’t created on the app, and you may see it pop up on many other popular social media platforms.

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In some contexts, RS could also refer to ‘RuneScape,’ a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. However, the former meaning is generally more common on social media apps like TikTok and Twitter.

If there are any other frequently used terms on TikTok that you don’t know the meaning of, you can check out our guide here to find out all about the app’s most popular terms.

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