What does pinned mean on TikTok?

Georgina Smith
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While looking at a creator’s profile on TikTok, you have probably noticed the term ‘pinned’ next to certain videos at the top of their page — but what exactly does it mean?

Short form video app TikTok is only continuing to get more popular by the day, as millions of people flock to the platform to share and interact with content every day.

The app is so popular that it’s developed its own culture of different memes, trends, references, and slang terms, that can often end up being confusing particularly for those who are just starting to use the platform for the first time.

While browsing the profiles of different creators across the app, you may have noticed the term ‘pinned’ attached to some of the videos at the top of their profile. Additionally, you might have spotted the term next to a comment on a video.

But what does this word mean exactly?

TikTok logo on a dark backgroundUnsplash: Eyestetix Studio
There are millions of creators on TikTok uploading content every day.

What does ‘pinned’ mean on TikTok?

When you see ‘pinned’ next to a comment or a video on TikTok, it means a creator has chosen to literally ‘pin’ it to the top of the page.

In the case of videos on a profile page, creators usually do this to draw viewers’ attention to particular videos, so they don’t get lost among all their other posts. This could be a video containing important information about the creator, or some of their most successful posts.

They can also pin comments on their post, whether that’s because they want to show off their favorite comment on the video, or to signal boost important information.

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