Walmart customer says he was ‘held hostage’ by worker after paying for his items

Walmart customer says he was ‘held hostage’ by worker after paying for his itemsTIKTOK: travisleeragan

A Walmart customer went viral on TikTok after he was detained by a Walmart employee even though he paid for all his items.

TikToker Travis Lee Ragan recorded himself telling a Walmart greeter to get out of his way and not push his cart back into him, claiming it was assault.

In the video, which has amassed a staggering 28.4 million views, Travis tried to leave the store but the employee blocked his way until the customer said: “Go get your manager.”

The greeter told Travis to “go get him,” to which the TikToker responded that he’s not going to do that, as the worker is the one stopping him from exiting.

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“Now you’re holding me hostage against my will,” Travis told the worker, who then yelled at another employee, “Yo can you go get the manager?”

He then shrugged his shoulders at the TikToker, as he said, “We can stand here all day.” Travis told the worker that he “cannot stop” him or “hold [him] against his will” because “it is illegal.”

Travis then began pushing his cart through the store, and the employee started walking alongside his cart to the exit. The customer invited the Walmart greeter to follow him to his car, but the greeter continued to prevent him from exiting the store.

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Travis tried to back out of the store while repeating that the worker’s actions are illegal. He then told the employee that he can’t wait to “post it online” to which the greeter said, “post it.”

A manager then approached both of them. Travis handed the manager his receipt and told him that the store workers cannot physically block him from leaving the store. “He cannot do that legally it is against the law,” he told the manager, who sent the greeter away.

After checking Travis’ receipt and seeing that all items were paid for, the manager handed back to him and then followed the customer out to his car.

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In the comments, TikTok users sided with the customer, with many saying it’s against the law to block the exit at any business.

According to Aisle of Shame, it’s illegal for store greeters to stop you, and customers are allowed to walk past them if they do so. The outlet states: “You can ignore the greeter and walk on if you want to. If the greeter stops you or forces you to show the receipt, they may violate your rights.”