Waitress goes viral on TikTok claiming lying to customers makes job “more fun”

Dylan Horetski
TikToker lies to customers

A waitress on TikTok has gone viral on the platform after claiming that lying to customers while working makes the job “way more fun,” prompting hundreds of other servers and customers to agree with her.

No matter what size the business you work in is, being a server is no easy task. Dealing with rude, angry customers, and chefs making mistakes on food are just two of the dozens of responsibilities a server is tasked with.

Bailey Schaffer, who goes by the name billy0420 on TikTok, uploaded a stitched video on August 13 talking about what it’s like being a server.

She went on to explain that she thinks lying to customers makes the job “way more fun,” and hundreds of people in her comments seem to agree.

Waitress says lying to customers makes job “way more fun”

Shortly after posting, Bailey’s video went viral — gaining almost a million views and thousands of likes. Starting off the video, she said: “I love lying to my tables. It makes the job way more fun.”

The TikToker went on to give an example of a recent situation where she had to lie to customers.

“So a couple of weeks ago, I got a table, got a six top. Food is taking a very long time, I’m saying like an hour ticket time. And [the customers] are just angry, like, the kitchen’s just backed up,” she explained. “I don’t know what’s going on. So I run outside and I’m like ‘Oh my god, guys, I’m so sorry to tell you this, but the guy, our fry guy, his glasses just fell into the fryer, and his initial reaction was to just reach in and grab it.”

Viewers quickly took to Bailey’s comments to share their own thoughts on the idea of lying to customers.

“This is my FAVORITE I always push the lies further and further… low key addictive,” one user commented.

Another waitress added their own idea to the conversation on TikTok: “Forget about a table? Wrap a band-aid around your finger, “omg I am so sorry! I was slicing lemons and got my finger” gets them every time”

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