VTubers get #StarsforLilly trending to pay respects to late artist Lilly

art from #starsforlilly hashtagTwitter: @aikotorii

In light of the recent passing of artist Lilly, VTubers and other members of the community are sharing their condolences on social media via the tag #StarsforLilly and highlighting some of the beautiful artwork she created.

Artist Lilly, who went by ‘riri_zuran’ on Twitter, was popular in the VTuber community, having worked on projects for a number of Hololive and other stars.

However, the VTuber community is now in mourning after news of her passing circulated on June 18

The news was announced by close friend Kyu. In the tweet, Kyu expressed their sadness at the news and also stated that any further details on the tragic loss will remain private.

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“To those that are close friends with Lilly and were unable to get in contact, I’m sorry for bearing the news like this. I hope for your understanding and thank you for those that had enjoyed her works for so long,” Kyu said.

Lilly was best known for creating amazing artwork for her favorite VTubers. She had worked with many well known talents, especially across Hololive. Her work admired and appreciated by so many in the community.

In particular, she developed a great range of artwork for HOLOSTARS member Astel Leda, someone who she loved and admired greatly. On multiple occasions Astel has used her work and was grateful for her support.

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As a tribute to Lilly, Astel held a singing stream on June 20 including Lilly’s favourite songs and titling the video: “Dear Lilly, you are forever important to me.” The video used one of Lilly’s artworks of Astel.

Earlier in the year, Lilly also drew the image used for Indonesian Hololive member Anya Melfissa’s cover of Schema.

After hearing of the news, Anya Melfissa wrote how saddened to hear of Lilly’s passing and expressing gratitude for having known and worked with her.

“She was an amazing person to work with — very capable and talented with good work ethics — and I couldn’t ask for a better illustrator for my project. My deepest condolences, and may she rest in peace.”

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Fellow Hololive ID member Kureiji Ollie also extended her sympathies: “I didn’t get to make a proper tweet… but she’s in my thoughts and prayers. May she rest in peace and shine bright on the other side as well.”


VTubers, artists and all those who knew her have taken to social media to pay their respects, share their memories of her, and express their gratitude for the impact she had in their lives.

In doing so, they got the #StarsforLilly hashtag trending as a way for others to share Lilly’s work and to bring those grieving together.

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“I never would’ve picked up drawing if it wasn’t for Lilly’s beautiful artwork,” Twitter user ‘aikotorii’ said. “Her illustrations were, and continue to be my biggest inspiration. I wish I could’ve had the chance to tell her thank you.”

(Editor’s Note: Aikotorii drew the header used for this article.)

For those wanting to share an illustration or message in honor of Lilly’s memory, her friends encourage people to do so and use #StarsforLilly.