Hololive star Gawr Gura becomes first VTuber to break 4 million YouTube subscribers

. 2 weeks ago
Gawr gura in Atlantis vtuber model
YouTube: Gawr Gura

Hololive’s resident catshark Gawr Gura continues to trailblaze in the VTuber community, smashing even more records on their continued rise. Gura is the first VTuber to break 4 million YouTube subscribers, and there’s no signs of slowing down.

Nearly 12 months to the day since Gawr Gura became the biggest VTuber on YouTube ⁠— overtaking the mother of all virtual entertainers Kizuna AI ⁠— the Hololive star has smashed yet another record in the space.

Gura is now the first VTuber to break 4 million YouTube subscribers, reaching the landmark achievement on June 16. It comes less than two years after her debut, and her growth shows no signs of slowing down.

Gawr Gura 3 million YouTube sub milestone
YouTube: Gawr Gura
Gawr Gura’s meteoric rise on YouTube continues as the VTuber breaks yet another record: the first to reach 4 million subscribers.

Gura celebrated the occasion with an unarchived karaoke stream, thanking her fans for being there on the journey.

“Thank you for your very crazy support. 4 million — that is a massive number. That is an insanely large number,” she said. “4 million in almost two years.”

The catshark’s rapid rise through the YouTube ranks is almost uncontested. She reached a million subscribers in just over a month following her debut (39 days to be precise), and has continued soaring since as the face of VTubing.

However, there are some competitors coming for her title. NIJISANJI’s Hyakumentenbara Salome recently broke Gura’s record of the fastest VTuber to 1 million subscribers, with the ‘million point lady’ doing so in just 13 days.

With that being said though, there’s still clear daylight between Gura and other VTubers. The next most popular Hololive star, Mori Calliope, only just broke 2 million subscribers. Kizuna AI is still second overall with just over 3 million subscribers, but is currently on hiatus.

There’s still plenty to come in the future for Gawr Gura too. With her recent 3D debut on stage and Hololive’s rapid expansion, the catshark has plenty more activities for fans to look forward to.

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