How to watch Ironmouse’s first 3D concert: Twitch stream, date

Ironmouse 3D birthday concert 2023Twitter: Ironmouse

VShojo star Ironmouse has an amazing opera voice, and fans love her karaoke. Now she’s bringing it to the masses with a massive 3D concert to celebrate her birthday. Here’s how you can tune in to #SaytonInConcert.

3D concerts have been all the rage in VTubing, with top agency stars putting on mega performances for their fans to celebrate big milestones.

It’s something VShojo star Ironmouse has wanted to do for years, but her health and technology has always gotten in the way.

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That’s changing in 2023, with Ironmouse’s first 3D concert planned in time for her birthday in January. She has teased plenty of surprises and cameos, and it’ll be a festival of all things Mousey to kick off the year.

When is Ironmouse’s first 3D concert?

Ironmouse’s 3D concert will be held on January 11, 2023, the same day as her birthday. An exact time has not been revealed.

It’s been months in planning, she revealed during the December 23 announcement, and she wants it to be a present for her millions of fans who have supported her over the last five years.

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“I hope you guys will be there for a very special stream, and you know, there might be some very special things happening,” she teased. “Who knows? There might be cameos, some special surprises.

“This has been a big dream of mine. I’ve always wanted to have a 3D concert since I started VTubing. It’s been one of my biggest dreams, and finally, on my birthday, it’ll be coming true.

“Think of it as a present from me to you for all the years of support you guys have given me. This will be a thank you to all of you, for being my rock, for being my inspiration, and being there for me. Without you guys, I would not be on this journey at all.”

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The concert will be streamed for free on Ironmouse’s Twitch channel. We will update you on more details as the performance date nears.