VShojo announces $11 million funding round as VTuber agency expands

VShojo reveal with 8 idolsVShojo

VTuber company VShojo, the biggest based outside of Japan, has announced it’s raised $11 million in funding to keep pushing their brand ⁠— plus their eight stars ⁠— further. The funding will go towards expanding VShojo’s content both virtually and in real life.

VShojo has taken over Twitch as its premier VTuber group. Its talents have a combined following of more than four million on the platform, with leader Ironmouse amassing more than a million by herself thanks to her recent subathon.

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However, the company has big plans to expand even further in 2022. VShojo has announced it has successfully raised $11 million in funding from a number of venture capitalists to help push its content forward.

This includes growing the VTuber group’s presence both online and in real life.

Nyanners VTuberYouTube: Nyanners
Nyanners is one of eight existing members on VShojo with nearly 800,000 followers on Twitch.

“VTubers are the future of the content creator industry,” VShojo CEO Justin ‘theGunrun’ Ignacio said. “Since the medium is built upon animated personas, it is more accessible and scalable than being a traditional creator, especially as the technology becomes more widespread.

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“We are now in a better position to support and grow talent in this market with more innovative technology, extensive promotion, and the ability to assist with content creation and distribution.”

Ironmouse previously revealed VShojo was set to expand in 2022 with more members hopping onboard. The $11 million will go a long way to help that, but the company’s sights are also set higher.

They want to bring VShojo to anime and gaming conventions across the world “in order to expand visibility for the VTuber community.”

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Ironmouse smiling on streamTwitch: Ironmouse
VShojo star Ironmouse made headlines for her record-breaking 31-day Twitch subathon across February and March.

The company has also professed a “new gameplan” to try and give creators more resources to develop new content in the space. This includes lore videos, something that is gaining traction in the VTuber community, especially since the debut of Bubi, which Ironmouse participated in.

VShojo recently celebrated their first anniversary in November 2021 and raised more than $100,000 for Project HOPE in a March charity stream.

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