Viral Subway TikTok is a must-watch for fans of The Office - Dexerto

Viral Subway TikTok is a must-watch for fans of The Office

Published: 21/Feb/2020 19:13

by Michael Gwilliam


A viral TikTok video making the rounds online transforms working at Subway into a cold open from the hit NBC series The Office.

In the video, uploaded by kindlykeds, the cameraman pretends to not be able to speak English while approaching the cash at a Subway restaurant.

The blonde-haired cashier then calls out “Keddy!” and ensures the customer that she would be able to help because she speaks Spanish.

Instead of selling paper, they’re selling bread.

Immediately thereafter, the camera cuts to a mockumentary-style interview segment, made famous by The Office. In the show, this is normally where a character would deliver some sort of sarcastic comment or describe how they are treated in the workplace.


“I’m from the Philipines,” Keddy states, capturing the lighthearted race-based comedy from the series. “It’s in Asia. I’m not Hispanic. But they act like I speak Spanish.”

For a TikTok, the editing is well done, transitioning the dialogue in the interview into the next scene – a motif from the NBC show.

@kindlykedswe want to guest star in your show jalenenriquez #fyp #foryou #subway♬ original sound – kindlykeds

Soon thereafter, the scene changes to outside of the Subway while iconic Office theme plays and introduces the cast of characters.

If that wasn’t already amusing enough, kindlykeds also uploaded a second “episode” in a similar style.

In this “cold-open,” there is a snowstorm and Walmart has run out of bread, so people are calling Subway just for bread.


@kindlykedsi mean you guys asked for it so here’s season 1 episode 2 #fyp #foryou♬ original sound – kindlykeds

“They want sixty-three foot longs with no meat, cheese or veggies,” an employee says after getting a phone call from a customer. The camera then pans to Keddy who just looks on in disbelief.

Overall, the two videos do a good job at recreating the tone, humor and style made famous by The Office. It’s easy to see why they’ve been viewed over one million times.

With so much skill, if the series ever gets rebooted, Keddy may be a perfect candidate to direct an episode. Hopefully, her Subway series continues well into the future with more episodes to watch.