Valorant streamer smashes keyboard after rage-inducing timer glitch

Riot Games/Pixabay

Twitch streamer Skean was so enraged over a glitch in his Valorant match that he took his frustration out on his keyboard, absolutely shattering the helpless computer peripheral.

During a May 5 broadcast, Skean’s team found themselves down 10-5 with time ticking down and the streamer in a two-on-one disadvantage.

Needing to plant the Spike, the streamer headed towards B in an attempt to clutch the round out, but somehow, time expired before he could even fully place it. It wouldn’t matter anyway as the streamer fell victim to a headshot, but he still noticed the clock acting strangely.

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A clock issue may have resulted in a lost round.

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In the clip, the timer goes from around 5 seconds down to 3.30 – something Skean noticed and immediately started complaining about.

“I swear I saw it at 4.8 and then it switched to like 3.6!” the streamer claimed.

“Welcome to Earth where your time is very limited,” one of his teammates suggested, while another theorized he was lagging.

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For Skean, however, something seemed seriously wrong with the in-game clock. “That timer isn’t okay!” he blasted. “That clock isn’t okay. One-hundred percent something is wrong with that clock.”

The annoyance seemed to carry over into the next round as mere seconds into the attack, the Twitch streamer fell victim to a spray of body shots, prompting the man to pound his keyboard into oblivion.

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After hammering it several times with a closed fist, the angry streamer swore loudly, aggravated by the outcome of the match.

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As the rest of Skean’s teammates fell, the streamer had no choice but to pick up the keys, which were now scattered across his room to repair the battered keyboard.

This isn’t the first time Skean has destroyed his keyboard either. As Dexerto previously reported, the streamer got incredibly tilted while playing Apex Legends and lashed out on the device.

With so much smashing, one has to wonder when the streamer will have no choice but to get a new keyboard.

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