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Valkyrae instantly regrets Twitch stream with Mizkif after RFLCT drama

Published: 3/Nov/2021 12:58

by Jacob Hale


After Valkyrae’s RFLCT skincare drama became a huge topic of discussion among the streaming community, she went live to play games with some friends — and instantly regretted it with Mizkif in the call.

The RFLCT skincare brand launched with immediate backlash over its claims to tackle “blue light pollution,” something many critics have condemned as a scam and an attempt to prey on Rae’s younger fans.

Valkyrae instantly sought to detach herself from RFLCT and, by the end of October 2021, the entire brand had been ‘effectively terminated.’

Making her return to streaming, though, Valkyrae was looking forward to jumping into some games with her friends and, hopefully, start putting the drama behind her.


valkyrae rflct
Valkyrae / RFLCT
The RFLCT skincare range has prompted a wave of backlash against the YouTube streamer.

There was one thing Valkyrae was worried about, though: Mizkif. Though she said he’s a good friend, she did worry that he might be unable to withhold from making jokes about the situation.

“Am I really going to spend my first stream back playing with Mizkif,” she asked herself during a YouTube stream. “Miz is a very good friend, but he’s also… you know those creators who will do anything for content? There’s that line. Miz is really close to the line but he steps over it. He’s going to say some stupid joke and it’s going to be too soon.”


Lo and behold, Valkyrae was absolutely spot on with her assessment. In fact, Mizkif had barely joined the call moments before cracking his jokes.

“I look so cool, and it’s all thanks to this new product,” he started, before telling Rae that he was joking. She responded that her heart “literally sank,” to which he joked once again that “just like Rae, I don’t have anything.”

Mizkif didn’t stop there, though. After Rae laughed about the crew being greedy in-game, he couldn’t bite his tongue, saying “You’re telling me I’m greedy Rae, really?”

Valkyrae simply called him a “dumbf**k” in response and told him to stop, but there’s no hiding how proud Mizkif was at his quick wit and jokes.


Before long, the RFLCT drama will be a thing of the distant past, so Valkyrae will be hoping the jokes die down sooner rather than later.