University keeps emailing student for $1.96 unpaid bill in viral TikTok video

TikToker unhappy about small unpaid billTIKTOK: JO_SIF

A college student has been receiving non-stop emails from his university, trying to collect a $1.96 unpaid bill in viral TikTok video.

The TikToker who posts under the handle jo_sif, has slammed the College of William and Mary for sending him multiple reminders of a small unpaid fee, despite the college’s $1.3 billion endowment.

In the viral clip, which has over 2 million views, the TikToker added text on the video which reads, “Not my $1.3B endowed school hitting me up for $2 the past 8 months.” He then proceeds to show a series of emails from the college, revealing the $1.96 total amount he owes.

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The video ends with a screen grab video of him emailing the university back “are you guys hurting for the $1.96 or do y’all got this.”

If anyone’s wondering if he really sent it, the viral video is captioned “yes I really sent the email.”

The TikToker, whose real name is Joseph, has since posted updates to his followers. In follow-up clips, he revealed that the Bursar’s Office was attempting to collect unpaid printing fees from him.

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He responded to another email, that “since it’s been 8 months I’m assuming there are no consequences of not paying it right?”

Joseph also didn’t miss the chance to ask the college if they’re “hurtin'” for the money again, before dancing shirtless with his middle fingers held up.

TikTok react to Joseph’s petty unpaid bill

Most people were annoyed for Joseph, and didn’t quite understand the need to pay for such a small fee.

“I once got a doctor’s bill for 32 cents… the cost of the stamp was 50 cents…. MAKE IT MAKE SENSE,” one user shared.

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“They’ll hit you up a bunch of times for a dollar, but won’t give you your lunch money back on your account if you have left over,” another user commented

“Imagine having to email someone for $1.96” someone else added.

One user asked Joseph to just pay the bill, prompting the TikToker to respond “no thanks.”

According to statistics from last year, America remains one of the most expensive countries in the world to go to college, as it was ranked as second country with the highest tuition fees.

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When it comes to student debt, the average student debt owed by American students reached a record high of $40,904 in 2021. Collectively, they owe a whopping of $1.75 trillion. Perhaps, this is why people were not happy about the constant reminders of a small unpaid fee.

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