Tyler1 roasts viewer's really weird Twitch chat messages: “You’re a moron” - Dexerto

Tyler1 roasts viewer’s really weird Twitch chat messages: “You’re a moron”

Published: 5/Jan/2022 16:57

by Lawrence Scotti


Twitch star Tyler1 hilariously berated a viewer who continually spammed his chat with messages in an attempt to gain the streamer’s attention.

Tyler1 is known to not hold back when it comes to making fun of viewers in his audience on Twitch.

On New Year’s Eve, he exploded on a viewer who tried to hype up the holiday and called him a “loser.”

Now, a similar situation has cropped up after one of Tyler’s hardcore viewers tried his best to get the League of Legends streamer’s attention, with incredible results.

Tyler1 shocked in Twitch camera.
Twitch: Tyler1
Tyler1 has over 4.7 million followers on Twitch.

Tyler1 slams eager fan

The LoL streamer was live on January 4 when the hilarious incident occurred.


Tyler was in queue for a League of Legends match when he read through his Twitch chat. He came across one fan that was disgruntled, “‘I feel like ever since I subbed you never read my comments.’ Dude, you’re just one-man spamming. You’re a dumbass. You’re actually a f**king moron.”

He pulled up the viewer’s chat logs which revealed they were spamming the chat with requests that Tyler wish them luck on their upcoming school quizzes.

“Kid, shut up, I’m not wishing you luck, and I hope you flunk out.”

Tyler is known for roasting his viewership from time to time, and isn’t afraid to dish it out to fellow content creators as well


When star YouTuber Mr Beast played League of Legends with him he questioned Tyler’s claim to be 6’5″ tall, he shouted at Mr Beast, “I am six foot five you stupid b***h. You hear me boy? I AM six foot five. I’ve been measured on stream several times.”

If you don’t want to get on Tyler’s bad side, don’t spam his chat – and respect the fact that he is, indeed, quite tall.