Tyler1 hilariously explodes on "loser" viewer hyping up New Year’s countdown - Dexerto

Tyler1 hilariously explodes on “loser” viewer hyping up New Year’s countdown

Published: 2/Jan/2022 16:22

by Shay Robson


Twitch star Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp exploded on a “loser” viewer who was hyping up the New Years’ countdown while watching his Twitch stream.

There aren’t many bigger streamers than Tyler1, who’s known for his trash talk and hilarious raging moments while playing Riot’s popular MOBA, League of Legends, for hours on end.

While the world was reflecting and celebrating the beginning of a new year, Tyler1 was sitting playing League of Legends. And, when a viewer started hyping up the New Years’ countdown, T1 was left less than impressed.

Tyler1 League of Legends
Twitch: Tyler1
Tyler1 is among the platform’s most popular creators.

With only a couple of minutes left till midnight on December 31, about to mark the beginning of a New Year, Tyler1 caught a viewer in his chat counting down.


The message in his chat made Tyler explode and the League of Legends streamer went on to hit out at the “loser” viewer.

“Why are you getting hyped up? What’s so hype about it,” asked T1. “You’re going to wake up in the morning as much as a loser as you went to bed. There’s no difference man. Went to bed a loser, woke up a loser. The 1st, the 31st, 35th, the 2nd, the 3rd you’re a loser. It doesn’t matter man! Holy sh*t.”

Tyler1 casually continued his night by playing League of Legends like usual and began the New Year on Summoners Rift.


Next December 31, T1 viewers will be hesitant to hype up the start of the New Year after the hilarious rant from the streamer.