Tyler1 obliterates his headset in League of Legends misplay meltdown

Twitch: Tyler1

Tyler ‘Tyler1’ Steinkamp lost the plot after failing to secure a fairly easy smite in League of Legends, smashing his headset into smithereens before tearing up in his chair in another classic meltdown from the hothead streamer.

It’s easy to get salty over a game of League, especially if you missed smite as a jungler. It’s one of the worst feelings not being able to secure the objective, and in the worst case, it can sometimes even single-handedly lose you the game.

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The pressure is always high stakes when it comes to securing an objective, but a monumental screw-up from Tyler1 saw the former AD carry turned jungler crack a tantrum for the ages at the expense of his gaming headset.

Tyler1 wearing headset on Twitch stream.Twitch: Tyler1
Tyler1 destroyed his headset after getting animated over missing a smite in League.

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With his team behind in a tense game of solo queue, Tyler1 on Olaf was looking to secure a dragon after getting the enemy Warwick off the board. It looked set in stone, until he miscalculated the damage and failed to get his smite off before the enemy Caitlyn sniped it.

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This led Tyler1 to go on a frenzy, screaming in anger at himself over missing the objective, which would have secured his team the ever-powerful Ocean Soul.

He tossed his headset around too, breaking it in the process, only making things worse. “I broke my headset man,” he said while tearing up in his chair. “Dude, there’s no way [I missed that smite]!”

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The AD carry turned jungler seemed pretty deflated over the misplay, looking back on the moment with plenty of what-if’s.

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“I knew I was going to miss it, I could just tell,” he said, explaining what he needs to change in the future so he can climb to Rank 1. “I’m f**king waiting until the dragon is below my smite mark, but you’ve gotta assume it based on damage.”

“God I’m so sad,” he added in a surprisingly non-Tyler comment.

The missed smite did have a massive lead-on impact for the rest of the game too. Tyler1’s mental was completely out of it after that, and he finished the game 0/8/10 on Olaf. On top of that, his team never managed to secure the soul as the enemy continued to choke them out and keep them from the pit.

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Twitch: Tyler1
The enemy Caitlyn stole it from 646 health, which means Tyler1 had a window to secure it for his team with his 680 damage Smite.

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However, it’s all lessons learned for the streamer’s grind to Challenger in a new role. While he’s peaked in the top rank in his main position of AD carry, he set himself a challenge to do the same in the jungle for Season 10.

He’s currently sitting in Diamond 4 with a 58% win rate after 200 games, with plenty of losses as of late stagnating his climb.

He did get his headset replaced thanks to his partner Macaiyla bringing one out mid-stream, but the new equipment won’t make the wounds of the painful missed smite go away, or the meltdown it brought with it.

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